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What a cool thread.

When all my ducks are in a row and I have a job and permission from the wife to buy a mono, I would like to build a very small backyard setup here, as there is only so much space.
But then I have only once spent about 15 minutes on a trials bike..... last week, now I want one.

I am also way overweight at the moment, and should lose at least 10kg before really buying a bike..... and I will have to get fit.

This was me getting hooked on something I have always wanted to do.

Not sure the wife will let me use the lawn, but behind the bush there is a bit of concrete that has been opened up now, and could keep a couple of small beginners obstacles.

All these things have been removed since we moved here. Pic was taken when previous owner still lived here.

Currently looks like this, except that I moved the firewood for the coming winter to behind the garage to dry out over summer.

I would hope to just do figure eights, a couple of log ramps and a pallet etc.

If I can get the local farmers permission to build a few obstacles, and maybe pay him a yearly fee, or per entry, I would love to get into the small wood in the distance behind the first pic, it also has a stream that runs through there, and a foot/tractor path.... so perfect. If the farmer agrees.

This is the current status of the concrete in front of the garage

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