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Originally Posted by HardCase View Post
I'd agree with NDEBT, it's worth roughly $500-550 if it's in 98% condition or better. A lot of SASS guys like 45 lever-actions for match-shooting, and it'd make a nice mate for a 45 Colt revolver, but wouldn't likely be all that great for much else other than plinking, or very close-range deer/small game hunting. IMHO, the 357 and 44 Magnum 1894s are (marginally) more useful.
I have one in .357 in the safe already. It's a keeper due to the shared ammo thingy. This would be an oddball caliber in my collection.

Originally Posted by NDEBT View Post
Trade for what? Trading guns for me is kinda like trading bikes. even if one is worth more than what you have if you don't feel it or wan't it better you will be sorry. Sounds like a nice gun though value about $500.00
Trading for one of my evil black guns. I am trying to sell it outright to build another evil black gun. This would most likely not spend any time with me before put up for sale, so I was more interested to see if it would be easier or more economical to do the trade and sell it. At $500, I don't think so.

thanks all.

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