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Nice MJZ!

PLease tell us about that seat bag you have.

And oalvarez, Nancy and I are sitting here having coffee, checking up on the thread...... she says " yeah, that is cleaner, why didn't you get that instead?.....

Gee Thanks!

And to keep it real on this honeymoon.....

Nancy's bike is in the shop after continuing to occasionally stall unexpectedly while riding down the road. It seemed to do it more often when the gas level was lower in the tank, not too often, but once is too much if it's an error with the bike.
The weird thing is the bike would not start unless you cycled the ignition, just keep cranking over.
Same symptom it had 15 minutes into Nancy's first ride.
I took the bike to our local dealer, Ventura County BMW, explained all the symptoms and brief history.
As soon as I said how it wouldn't start until you reset the ignition, the service manager bluntly said "It's a bad fuel pump".

He explained how there was a bad batch of pumps on earlier f800s/st bikes, the pump would pull too much current, tripping the CANBUS. Once you cycle the ignition, you reset the CANBUS "breaker"... and off you go. Hopefully this one is a fluke.

Of course this is covered under warranty, and fortunately Nancy's working and it's been/supposed to rain in SoCal for now anyways, so no real major inconvenience. The one day fix turned into 3-4 because there's no new fuel pump available in the USA, so it's being shipping from the Motherland VOR.

But I can't help but wonder why didn't A&S Powersports techs catch this problem when I told them repeatedly how it wouldn't start until you reset the ignition?............
Instead they blamed it on Nancy for dropping the bike and "flooding the charcoal canister"....

I just know Nancy's looking forward to not being worried about her bike stalling, as it usually did it at a very inconvenient place like in heavy city traffic.
Next week we'll be taking a short camping trip, so more new photos to follow!

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