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Olympia uses real Cordura, but they skimp on the seams. Even Fieldsheer puts more work into a seam than Olympia does.

It might work for 90% of the crashes, but if you wear the top stitching out, that's all you get, and the panel is going to come off. Assuming they left a large enough seam allowance at the factory and you actually get the two rows of stitching you see.

Here are some pictures of the "Safety-Stitching" from my old Ranger 2 pants


Inside (only two rows)

Cutting the seam open-there really are only two rows of stitching.

Somebody at the factory didn't cut the seam allowance big enough!

And I'm not the only one.

It is hard to check for "hidden" stitching, but most companies that do use it sew the two pieces of fabric together, then fold along that row, and put the other rows of stitching in. If try to put your fingernail under the fabric, and it goes deep enough to hit the stitching you can see, there probably isn't any hidden row.

Of course, if a reinforcement is sewn on top it is impossible to hide the stitching, but it doesn't matter as much as a failure of those seams does not cause a breach in the suit. (Olympia uses method B)

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