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I got a snootful of MEK a few years ago and thought I was going to die. I realized that and brake cleaner had no place in my home.

My Dad was a Welder/Wireman at the GE plant in Salem, VA. He retired after 33 years (100% disability and a litany of health issues)...he's told stories of dumping barrels of PCB-containing waste into the creek behind the plant. It was legal, they had a permit!

I'm cautious/paranoid around chemicals nowadays.

Occasionally, we'll get a noob at work and play a nice joke on him. We'll break a bunch of Cyalume sticks, spread the contents on the ground below the radar antenna and tell him the SF6 tank overheated (again!). It can be nasty if it really happened...always good for a laugh as the noob runs for his life.
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