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Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
If you (anyone reading these posts) recall in one of my posts, just yesterday, I was able to express a term I couldn't put a word on... trials is about the gift of "nuances". So look at the videos of Charla balancing. Notice her body position, it looks like she's been riding for several months or years, instead of some wierd postures I have witnessed as beginners attempt to get going with trials, which is usually overcomming habits learned from riding dirt bikes, for a few years.

Secondly, note this other nuance: Charla "looks" as if it was effortless, to keep her balance (relatively at least). I know, and most know this is NOT the case, but what I am saying is notice that she is using very subtle corrections to keep her balance. Not big old herky jerky motions. that is hard to train.
The difficult part with the dead engine balance is just getting up on the pegs. Once I realized from watching Joz that I needed to turn the bars to make the bike a little more stable, I figured out the trick. With the bars turned to the left and right hand forward, I started with my right foot on the peg. As I slowly transferred weight to my right foot, I also transferred equal weight onto my LEFT arm to keep from tilting over too far to the right.

Once you can do that smoothly then your left foot can either hang in the breeze or you can bring it up to the peg and then transfer weight from your left arm to your left foot. It's all about being smooth.

Originally Posted by Sting32 View Post
Hey you guys, keep Charla interested in trails, don't over do it, and get her hurt somehow, as I think if balance is any indication, she'll be wanting to try stuff. I know also it was one vid, so hopefully I didnt make too much of it (for her ego sake and anyone elses) but it sure looks good to see that.

to Charla...
Thanks for the encouragement.

I don't think there's anything these guys can do to turn me off of trials. I really enjoy it and I get a little bit better every time I ride. I struggle with fear of obstacles, but once I work up the nerve to try something I usually do ok. It's a good thing I'm tough though because I fall down A LOT.
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