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The swingarm and suspensions assemblies are different, as well as the rear hub assembly. The rear hub on the XRL is a cushioned hub, whereas the XRR is not. This translates into a wider assembly on the XRL, thus the swingarm is wider and probably heavier on the XRL than the XRR. I think the XRL may also have come stock with a wider rim, though I'm not certain.

The XRL will also have a pumper carb that'll squirt fuel, and have a limited pilot adjustment. The internals are supposedly swapable, but the stock jets on the XRL will be leaner than the XRR. The XRL will also not have jet settings in the manual like the XRR will.

XRL will have a choke cable, where the XRR's choke will be on the carb itself.

Since you're in America the '91-'96 XRL's and associated XRR's from the same time frame will all be kick-start only.

I think the Aussies had/have access to XR250L's after the '96 redesign until 2002-3.
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