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Originally Posted by geode View Post
considering I drove over 2500 miles to bring home my 1981 Montessa Cota we''l just have to admit my $$$ to seat calculations aren't that refined.

I have 4 m/c projects going on right now, and a new milling machine on order, so while I want a trials bicycle, I'm not inclined to drop $1,000 or so on one right now. Hence the wallyworld sawzall thoughts. A sub-$100 bike and 20 mins with a sawzall and angle grinder is better than nothing.

If you just want to practice your balance then there's really no need for the sawzall, any bike will do. I've been practicing my trackstands on Ben's mountain bike the last few days. I think I'm up to about a minute balancing and I figured out how to pop a wheelie today.
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