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PDoiler Installation and Evaluation

Install of the Brian Stokes PDoiler

As promised, I would post if I decided upon a chain auto-oiler. Well here it is.

I wanted an auto-oiler. Set it and forget it. Mission accomplished.

I've used my Weestrom for the most part for long-distance touring. It's proven to be an excellent comfortable and highly economical mount for that purpose. I've gotten excellent life out of my chain/sprocket sets by servicing w/Dupont Teflon lube but have wanted to lower my maintenance time yet increase life.

Further, I'm absolutely not interested in chain maintenance at the end of a 500 mi day, nor at the beginning of another. Call it what you like -- it is what it is. So, I researched auto-oilers ad nauseum. I wanted something simple, reliable (set it and forget it) and inexpensive. Most of them were very expensive and w/many moving parts. Others were very simple and gravity fed. I thought these too irreliable.

I finally settled on the PDoiler (Positive Displacement Oiler).

I bought it directly from the maker through his online ebay store. Interestingly enough, virtually all the oilers I found on the market came out of Europe and usually England. There was too the Chamelion chain oiler out of Quebec (basically a gravity unit w/an electronic valve), but I determined the PDoiler was a better value and is a positive feed (my preference) not gravity

The price was $106 usd and arrived at my door in 2-weeks.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

The hardest part proved to be where best to mount the resevoir/dispenser.

I finally settled on the right just aft of the rear brake fluid reservoir behind the subframe fairing on the Weestrom

Controller - adjust to meter out oil between 30sec (#9), 130sec (#1) intervals

I didn't see any need to mount the controller near the handle bars. Once you determine what oil amount you want, it's basically set it and forget it. So, I decided to bundle it near my fuse accy box -- wired to a ignition switch controlled circuit per the instructions

It's important to mount the chain supply line in a way that it's least suseptible to swing arm movement. I ran the line down and to the front of the swing arm pivot then underneath the swing arm. Plenty of self-adhesive anchors are supplied to secure the oil line. Here it is partially installed

Next comes a very critical part of mounting the wick type end. It's critical because you don't want chain wip or the sprocket teeth yanking the line away. I mounted mine closer to the rear sprocket than Brain's recommendation thinking the closer to it the less likely the wick to be hit by chain wipping/slop and my other thought was that oil hitting the sprocket would be forced into the chain centrifically

Next came cutting the wick to the adequate clearance from the chain

The unit is self-priming but I primed the line so I could observe the performance straight away.

I was really suspect of this delivery system in particular that wind and what have you would splatter oil everywhere else and the chain. I've always thought that it would be better to deposit the oil onto the sprocket as some of the others I've seen. But, this simple delivery system is proving to work better than I expected in several hundred miles.

80wt gear lube is the prescribed lube but Mr Stokes says any lube oil will do in a pinch. The 75-90 I'm using is working very very well.

Here's post install views of the chain with the timer set to max 9. There's no oil slung all over the place or puddles on the ground after being parked. Just a moist wick and moist chain. I've dialed it back to 7 now that the chain has a good initial moistening. I figure in a few more miles I should be able to determine what is optimum

My only gripe so far is servicing. The unit hold 100cc and is serviced via a dip tube. I used a large syringe. The instructions expect you to use an oil can. I found servicing rather clumsey with the syringe particularly finding a fit to the blue servicing tube provided. Next I'll source a suitable prescribed oil can that will be easy to carry on those long trips. A full service is supposed to last up to 5k mi.

There's a "dip tube" cap affair that fits in the tube when in use. You remove that and insert this blue tube to service the unit.

In my opinion, this unit is an excellent value and works exactly as advertised. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for very efficient chain oiling system. I think this is a must have for any chain driven long-distance motorcycle. The vendor appears responsive to customer needs.
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