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No problem! How many would you like?

First off, don't run flags at highway speeds- it rapidly turns them into rags.

I've run up to three flags in parades... US, Minnesota, and rainbow for Pride parades. Still don't have flags for other states, so on my politicing forays (AKA "outside agitating" I'm down to two or three flags. I've found an easy spot to fit a flag on the left, a little pocket it fits into and I leave a couple cable ties looped there to steady it. For center and right mounts I just jam them behind the side panels on the Spyder. On the Formula Two there's about a one inch bore on each side that's several inches deep that's designed to hold the top bows. I just put the flags in those holes.

Of course, it's not always that simple... At Minneapolis Pride Parade last year we had buffetting winds that kept switching direction due to all the downtown skyscraper canyons. The rainbow flag was the biggest, and as decorum required that it not be taller than the US flag I had to mount it lowest. I had a celebraty passenger that day, a former TV anchor turned candidate. Watching over her was a big guy whose job seemed to be looking out for the "talent". He had a panic every time a flag blew and touched the "talent". I ended up with a half dozen cable ties restraining the flags. Turned out she was a lousy choice for a Lt.Governor candidate, hardly showed up on the campaign trail, and we lost the primary...
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