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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
M, don't you think the buzz is more so when you're on an aluminum bike (with an aluminum fork) than when you're on a steel bike?

My theory is like a shock absorber; road is rough gives buzz from the ground up. As it travels up the steel fork into a steel frame it dissipates or goes through to the other end like a conductor. If it's a CF fork, it's meeting the other (different since it's a different material and resonates differently) material like steel or aluminum and they're repelling each other - like two different pitched tuning forks i.e. more buzz...

Since aluminum is so buzzy any CF at the lower ground level absorbs vibes well. So this works for alum bike frames.
But IMHO steel soaks up vibes better than CF, so CF forks on a steel bike is a wash. All you're creating is 2 different frequencies that meet at the headset - and most CF forks have a steel or aluminum steerer tube anyway (not high end).

Or maybe I'm just crazy....
I was on a steel cross bike with a steel fork. Buzzy...

Same bike path the next day on the CF fork? No buzz.

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