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I had the same problem even with good socks and ducnut's el cheapo plastic bag toe warmers (don't laugh, they help!). My bicycle sensei had me loosen the straps on my shoes; instant improvement due to increased bloodflow to the tootsies. Might be worth a try if you haven't already.
Now you tell me. Got any pics? Day time highs haven't dropped below 60 in over two weeks. The short of it is I've recently rediscovered how much fun mtb single track can be, since we have some new trails that are close (a 10 minute drive)to the house. That, coupled with the harshest winter in years, has kept me off the road bike. I figured I'd wait until most of the salt/sand grit gets washed off the roads before jumping back into it. The winters here are very Seattle like in nature with lots of rain. We got snow twice and then nothing, in terms of precip.
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