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For "fair and balanced" opinion on the joys and sorrows of Tiger ownership go to or .These are two of the biggest Tiger sites. I've had mine for nearly 4 years and the only thing I'd replace it with is another Tiger. I'm completely nuts about it. I had a Daytona before the Tiger, and my wrists and arse have thanked me ever since. Pity it took a bastard bike theif to steal the Daytona for me to change to Tigger, but I haven't looked back.

Originally Posted by Deano955
Hey all,
I ride a 955 Daytona but am covetous of the Tiger. Hey, if I had one I could be riding now instead of reading threads all day. I've read all about the Vstrom and my brother-in-law has one. U G L Y. I 've rode both and like em both.
Would you Tiger owners sound off about the bikes? I'm looking to buy an adv. bike and thru the magic of depreciation am very interested in the Tiger. I like the price point of the wee-strom but just can't see myself on one.

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