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G'day Wildekurt. Got a question for you. Which company makes those panniers that you have on our orange tiger there? I've had the genuine factory ones for a while and am convinced they are crap. Looking to upgrade them (the darling missus needs somewhere to put the hairdryer). Cheers mate.
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The windscreen works well (it's a Cee Bailey); it keeps wind off my shoulders which is a big improvement over the stocker. However, as you pointed out, it's not very attractive. Fortunately changing it back to the stock when I want pose (as if that's possible on a Tiger). The sides don't attach to anything. They just sort of wedge themselves against the fairing. I was a little scepticle (sp?) at first but after 8000 miles I figure it works well enough.


You provide the bike with TKC's and I promise I find some dust. And I'll throw in some mud, no extra charge.

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