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I read about the rattle and now I'm wondering if that's the rattle I hear lately with my R850RT. It's fine when I don't toch the throttle (idling). But when I just tension the throttle cable a little bit, the revs are not rising yet, I hear this rattle. Not very loud, but it is there. It seems to come from the left side. First I thought it was the valves, but I don't notice any drop in performance whatsoever. It runs as smooth as ever, it's just that rattle.

A couple of questions:
*do I need to do both sides at the same time? They are subjected to the same wear.
*I have a 1997 R850RT. Are the throttle bodies the same?
*what are other effects of the wear? What's this surge?
*My bike's got nearly 160.000km on the clock. Is that a reasonable milage for this wear?
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