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Originally Posted by geode View Post
So if someone found a good trials bike frame, sans wheels, ... could that person pop down to wally world and snag a sixty dollar 20" BMX bike and put those wheels on the trials bike instead of spending huge dollars for trials bike wheels from a trials bike dealer?

If you bought good quality (competition quality, or custom-laced) BMX wheels, yeah, they'd probably hold up okay, but standard issue walmart wheels may not hold up as well as you'd want. Can't say from experience in terms of buying an el-cheapo dimestore BMX, but I do have some decent high-end BMX and freestyle wheelsets that work fine, but they aren't what you'd get at wallyworld.

If you just are itching to get started, go for it, but you may end up with a nicer wheelset sooner than later. You might be better off trolling the flea markets, CL, and Goodwill-type stores to find an old beater but better-quality name-brand BMX bike for the same amount of coin to yank the wheelset off of.
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