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Over here, the railway crossings look pretty much the same. So I guess they are old school as well.

Got bruced again by Mr. Flashback, though.
It is kind of difficult being the only (?) European player here. Most of the TAGs are posted and grabbed while I am fast asleep...

Anyway, went searching for the new TAG yesterday, but obviously the Swiss don't like to put statues on their buildings. Although we have a bunch of big old buildings, churches, cloisters, even castles around, not one of those had any kind of figure on it. Lots of crosses and other abstract things, but no statues.
I had a look during my commute to work today - 40min by train. Nothing.
Maybe I should try it in France, but during the week it is difficult to get anywhere by bike...

Anyway it's fun here - thanks to all players!
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