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Originally Posted by GR8ADV View Post
Thank you all for the kind words. Yes it was a truly amazing trip. Chris actually wrote about this trip "an event that shaped my life" for his college entrance essay. It was very interesting to read about the trip from his perspective.

The Lump speaks for us all; get out there and do it. There are 50 reasons why you can't/shouldn't make this trip. Search for the 1 reason why you should.

enjoy and ride safe. if you can't be safe, be very very fast.

I totally agree!! Awesoem trip report

I've done a very similar trip twice now with my son. Not on a bike, but we did go to the same places... backpacked, kayaked the Yukon river (500 miles.. my son paddled his own kayak at 11 years old!) trekked on the tundra, backapacked the Chilkoot trail..... all when my son was 11 years old.

You can come with a milliion excuses why you "can't" do this.... All I can say, "can't" is not a word we use in our house. Everyone should do something like this at least once in thier life. To do it with your children is comendable.

Our 3 month trip up north in 2007:

Current blog:

BTW: I am going back up there this summer for 6 weeks with my son (now 15 years old) to do some more trekking. When he is of age, you can bet that we will be heading up there on our bikes.

Once you taste the water up there... you get very thirsty for more.

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