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Originally Posted by Brtp4 View Post
Fit on this XL is much, much different and better than the FX-37. Absolutely no forehead pressure, absolutely not short front-to-back like the 37. Perhaps a little large compared to my other XL helmets, but I don't know how much use this got. I will need need thicker cheekpads for sure, and often do on other helmets.

Again, passing along fit info obligates precision, and I do not have that yet. These are just quick observations. But fit seems good, and sizing seems to fall within industry norms.

One more question please... If you were to compare the ZOX and the 39, fit wise, are they the same? My issue is that a size large ZOX fits me perfectly, but I like the option of running goggles under with the 39, and the apparent better airflow... hmm, decisions...It so sucks not having a place to try them on


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