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Originally Posted by El Guero View Post
Just beat the main campaign in Red Dead Redemption last night. Interesting ending, will have to download Undead Nightmare soon.

I ordered Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 2 for my free time during spring break next week. I hadn't heard of Uncharted 2 until I had been snooping around online a little...

This brings me to a general video game question. Looking at reviews, it seems like Uncharted 2 is a much better game than Uncharted. Are games like movies, where you want to start from the beginning? So far I don't think they are, but I hope I'm not missing anything
I love MGS4. I'd bump up the difficulty level. Maybe not Big Boss Hard but more then Solid Snake Normal or Luquid Snake Normal. I found either Normal too easy. Although I like sneaking around type games.
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