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Originally Posted by ThePikeman View Post
I could never really master the Nvidia drivers. Different people, different experiences. Ati did many improvements to their drivers, including crossfire. Seems to scale much better with the newer cards. In addition, they don't include the crossfire profile in the driver anymore, but in a seperate file.

I don't like the idea of crossfire or SLI. Just seems wrong to me, especially to buy two cards at the same time. Maybe get a 560 now and add another one in a year or so.
How do the 560 compare with the 6950? Here they are only 10 apart.

Heck... what am I writing about graphics cards? I have an ATI 4670 in my computer.

I am also patiently waiting for Dragon Age 2... has done reviews between the 5xx and 6xxx series of cards. If I remember right, the 69xx series were just beaten by the 5xx cards, but at a much lower price point per card.

Which opens the door to cheaper crossfire.

I've been absolutely thrilled with the performance of my 5870 and my two 5770s in cross.
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