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Originally Posted by Lornce View Post

And legions of marketing wonks backed by corporate millions to remind and inform of "zee korrect schtyle" if your taste begins to falter and stray.

Witness: 80% of riders happy to choose a ride in the the same manner their wife buys a skirt.

Well... not everyone is as enlightened as you are.

In any case, I don't know what you are getting all bent out of shape about. I think everyone wants these guys to succeed and greatly admire their effort (including the HFL guys). I don't think it is ugly at all - actually, it seems elegant and understated. My point was simply that it seems a bit too understated.

New bike, new exciting tech, first American company making a non cruiser in ages, blah blah... you'd want the styling to be a bit more aggressive and personal, especially if you are hoping to compete in the price space these guys are most likely going to go for. If it were me running the company, I'd rather be polarizing than anonymous, especially when I am a new marquee without any kind of prestige or racing history.

Put this next to a Sprint GT and show them to someone who is not on top of all things motorcycling and, well, they will likely not think one is more special than the other. Put it next to a Multistrada 1200 (just an example, pick something else if you like) and there is no chance they will not be moved by the Ducati's design. They might hate it, or they'll love it, but chances are they will not be indifferent to it. My gut feeling is that a lot of people will be indifferent to the design of the current Motus - its current styling does not get my blood rushing. It looks functional and well proportioned, but it is lacking in inspiration, in pizazz. Even a splash of color here and there would help a lot - right now it's all gray and more gray. Maybe production bikes will sport a more lively livery.

I could very well be wrong, and maybe their next model will be much more aggressive since they are going for a naked roadster rather than a tourer, and maybe the thing will ride so awesomely well nothing else will matter.
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