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Originally Posted by ThePikeman View Post
I was totally annoyed by that .net thing, too. Tons of programs need it now and it is included in win7 anyways.
ATI improved their drivers quite a lot.

If you are mostly happy with your card, wait until you buy a new monitor, too. Maybe even tone down quality if necessary. The new cards are still expensive as hell and until you go to full HD only 1 game seems to need it.

The 560 runs 222, the 6950 is 232 here in Germany (including 19% vat).
I don't usually buy the very best card. It's never cost effective especially when only a hand full of games really need it when the card launches. The second tier is always a good balance between cost and speed if you're looking for a single card solution. Although with SLI/CF coming into maturity, there seems to be even better value with the cheaper cards. I did some searching on the 6850/70 cards and they are similar in speed to the 560 but cost even less. The problem I've been reading about is still with drivers.

If I was going to take my own advice I would just get the 460's.
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