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Originally Posted by Starwarrior View Post
Can we just focus for a minute?

Oh, and this too:

Some things I notice when I look at these pics: The front fairing neatly mimics the Givi V35's. I don't know if they're planning on including a "chin" to the fairing, as was in the original sketch. I also think it's interesting that they put V35's on the bike; they're certainly a popular bag, and Kawasaki, Suzuki, Aprilia all use them as "factory" luggage on some of their models (Ninja 1000, Bandit 1250ST, Mana, respectively). The drawback is that unlike other factory luggage systems (BMW, Yamaha FJR, Kawi C-14), the givis leave behind an unsightly (to some) tubular rack. Perhaps these are simply part of the prototyping process, but with the fairing styled as it is, the implication is otherwise. I'm curious to see her with her "pants down."

Also, for those in the Daytona Area, this bike will be at the Progressive IMS at the Ocean Center at 1400 on 10-Mar-2011. Admission is free as it was last year.*

* Of course last year it was free because all the big manufacturers are at the Speedway with their free demos, and all that was at the IMS last year were Zero Motorcycles (with free demos, though), stretched 'Busas and ass-less chaps. So it will be worth showing up to be there at 2 o'clock.
I like it. I like the organic lines. It'll look good in red!

An American Sport-Touring motorcycle with a torque-monster V4!

I'd love one of these for the type of riding I do! ( I would like some beefy crash bars to protect the exhaust, though ).

Oh, and the Givis? I'd prefer them over proprietary bags any day. More versatility.
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