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Originally Posted by T-Stoff View Post
Of course looking good is nice but gameplay is still paramount for me. After PSX, many of the games developed put out only graphics as their main forte, leaving gameplay just equal if not mediocre or even worse compared to their earlier editions.

Most present day multi-disc games still leave me unsatisfied with the action/ story while earlier single disc games sufficed. I feel all that memory and hardware were utilized only to give me a good picture.

So long as gameplay is good, I wouldn't care if I got to play it on a GameBoy screen.
This is why Arma 2 OA is popular. The graphics are the best but they're good enough. The game supports mods and is very mod friendly because of it. It's more about those you choose to play with. Also because of it's complexity and the need to match mods with the server, it keeps the kiddy's away.
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