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I haven't made one that meets your mentioned ideas. I can build whatever you would like. The biggest factor is money, the second is time. I can put your name on the list if you would like. I have been asked about adventure outfits a lot lately. The most common question is which enduro/ dual sport bike to use. The answer is none of them. As good as dual sport and enduro bikes are, they lack one thing for extreme sidecar use...horsepower. This is going to cause a storm of replies about how peoples bikes have more than enough power and they don't need to race or speed. I'm not saying you have to. My truck has 400hp, I only use maybe half that to drive around town, if that. but when I fill it up with stuff and go play off road in four wheel drive I know I'm not stressing the motor by over working it, plenty of power when you need it and the driveline is built to handle it and the load. Same applies for a sidecar outfit. We already put more stress on the bikes when we put a sidecar on them. For the most part, they work very well for the job at hand. However....there is room for improvement. You're going to ask, "well, what bike should I use then?". Answer is something with power, who cares what the frame is, aluminum, steel, tube, box section, stressed engine or cradled. Get something with some power. If I were to build one for myself (when time permits, hahaha) I would unquestionably use a ZX-14 (200hp is always nice!). Throw away the swingarm, forks, wheels, suspension and build a cradle frame sidecar outfit (similar to the Triumph I am building now) where the bike and its frame get lowered in to the sidecar chassis. The frame that the suspension mounts to and stresses are totally independent of the stock motorcycle frame work, causing no additional stress on the stock frame. That's how you get away with extra drive line setups, long travel suspension, car wheels and tires, without breaking the frame or having to make the 'performance' parts so spindly small as to not over stress what they are bolting to. Sorry for the long reply. This is how I think rigs of this nature should be built. No struts and adjustment with small sub-frames trying to tie it all together. All this does is move the weak spot somewhere else and you will be forever chasing it. Build it right the first time for anything you want to throw at it. If a basic setup works for your needs, then use it, if you want to go all out, do it all out, don't half build it thinking you can go all out with it. Just my thoughts. So.....if I build 'IT', will 'THEY' come?
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