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Originally Posted by brockoli View Post
I haven't made one that meets your mentioned ideas. I can build whatever you would like. The biggest factor is money, the second is time. I can put your name on the list if you would like. I have been asked about adventure outfits a lot lately. The most common question is which enduro/ dual sport bike to use. The answer is none of them.
One thing that some of the big displacement dual-sport bikes DO have in their favor as a potential sidecar tug donor is the fact that they either come with, or have available, BIG fuel tanks without the need for complicated auxiliarly tanks, transfer pumps, or carrying a jerry can and spilling fuel over your paint job on the side of a sand dune somewhere...

Originally Posted by brockoli View Post
You're going to ask, "well, what bike should I use then?". Answer is something with power, who cares what the frame is, aluminum, steel, tube, box section, stressed engine or cradled. Get something with some power. If I were to build one for myself (when time permits, hahaha) I would unquestionably use a ZX-14 (200hp is always nice!). Throw away the swingarm, forks, wheels, suspension and build a cradle frame sidecar outfit (similar to the Triumph I am building now) where the bike and its frame get lowered in to the sidecar chassis.
We really SHOULD compare notes....
I have been working on the design phase of just such a project for my next rig and have some prelimilary stuff already sketched out for how to do the 2WD relatively simply, and can even incorporate a reverse gear in the mix pretty easily as well.

Of course, I still prefer a more old-school motor with threaded valve adjusters that I can get to without taking half of the engine apart.... And no radiator to lose all of its' precious bodily fluids all over the ground at an inopportune moment when I am too dehydrated to refill it from my bladder 100 miles from nowhere.
So my choice of powerplant is something that I already know and trust, the 110hp BMW R1200 Boxer.
And getting the gearing right can help alot regardless of how much power you have. The German army slogged through some pretty nasty mud with their side-valve R75M's pulling a three-man crew, gear, & sometimes even a trailer. All with only 27hp!!!

Originally Posted by brockoli View Post
The frame that the suspension mounts to and stresses are totally independent of the stock motorcycle frame work, causing no additional stress on the stock frame. That's how you get away with extra drive line setups, long travel suspension, car wheels and tires, without breaking the frame or having to make the 'performance' parts so spindly small as to not over stress what they are bolting to.
Very similar to what Mobec does with their Duo-Drive and Super-Drive frames I suspect, but taking it one step farther. Adding in the front suspension as well, and a rigid cradle to bolt the bike/engine to.

For suspension, I have been looking at the options between A-arms, leading/trailing swingarms, or a 5-link setup (similar to what sandrails use).
Each have their own advantages and difficulties.

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So.....if I build 'IT', will 'THEY' come?
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If your price is within my budget, YES...
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