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Thanks Ricardo, much appreciated.
BMWzenrider, agreed, each have our wish lists and what works for what we want to do. The R1200 is a great machine and powerplant, no doubt. The old military hacks with minimal hp, did the job and did it well. I like to have more hp than needed. ( is it wrong to want a super charger for my truck and to turbo my GS1000?) Great ideas on on the suspension setups. A lot of designs differ with the chosen power transfer (driveshaft, chain, hydraulic, flux capacitors). A-arms don't like chains if the arms are pivoting off the sidecar frame, shafts don't overly care for linked setups unless the driveshaft has a slip yoke or runs perfectly parallel up and down, and that poses problems to. SO many choices, so many options, so many great ideas, never enough time, money, or space. hahaha. Thanks to everyone for the great input and feedback on here. It's great having conversations about a common interest, as strange as our intersts may be, and being able to talk about totally different concepts and not have people think you are some crazy guy in Canada (although I am well on my way, hahaha).

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