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Wink A Fist Full of Costa Rica

Ok fellas. Basically this is what im taking with me.

I wont bore you with breaking down the tool kit or the individual bags.

Its really not that much stuff.

... oh, there is a Spot Tracker somewhere in there too.

If you are going to Costa Rica, THIS is the map that you need to buy. it is very detailed. much more detailed that the GPS map. You can find it on another good book to pick up is "discover costa rica" by lonely planet. The BORCH map (not shown) is laminated which is nice for using a dry erase marker to plan a route.. however its not a very detailed map. Another map worth purchasing is the National Geographic "adventure travel" map for costa rica. not as detailed as the "jaguar map" but it shows better topography.

If you've ever had "the rot" then you know why i carry this with me on long rides. if you have never had the ass puckering pleasure of experiencing the rot, its having athletes foot from the tip of your toes to the top of your boot. it hurts so bad you cant walk. and yes, the sock sticks to your skin when you attempt to remove it. not pretty.

I'm also taking some over the counter stuff like : ibuprofen , Excedrin Migraine and some anti-colon-blow.

Everyone knows ya'gotta'have the flops right ?


..... updates will be posted along the way. stay tuned for the Grit
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