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Originally Posted by brockoli View Post
Hi, I'm here, been really busy on the Triumph, working late on it. Front fender is on, rear fender/plate mount/taillight mount all done, exhaust is on, saddle bags mounted and supported, blah blah blah. I'll have some more pics of it in the Facebook link, check often.
Come on Dude quit been a El Chepo skater act and get your self a smugmug account or if you like send me the pictures on a email and I post them on my own gallerys so you can post them her full size, Facebook is for "Kiddos" when it comes to Business time to be a BigMan now...:-)

As for a 3 wheel drive unit... The front wheel driving has always been an issue. Think of a 4x4 truck on the street in 4 wheel drive. It scrubs hard in the corners and drifts wide through high speed corners. No doubt in the dirt that you wold have great traction and drive, but there are a lot of down falls to the front wheel driving. If you put a viscous coupler in line to the front wheel, then it's a different story. Subaru and others have that setup, it works well for sure, but I don;t think that a high performance rig for all terrain would overly benefit from all that. Let the front wheel steer, maybe consider steering the sidecar wheel that is also driven. It's a whole can of worms that needs to be opened carefully or else you get a bunch of cool stuff and ideas that don't work together.
As usual your words are full of wisdom, what about running some kind of "Interrupter" so the front wheel drive is totally disconnected from the transmission until you need it (just thinking out loud here) in any case you are by far the only builder in this side of the ocean that even considers the possibilities and that is very telling at least in my book

Here is a example of a three wheel drive and I have to agree it looks kind of clumsy, but far better than that Ural on the video than that Ural with the "El Chepo PTO" running parallel to the length of the bike restricting the turning radius among all kinds of wrongs things.

Using a car engine...great, Bob's rig is really cool and well thought out. Size for size though, you can get more hp out of a smaller package with bike engines, it's just the final drive is always a tough one to get right. You can relatively easily get 400+ hp out of 1300cc of bike engine. The rotory's are capable of that too but in a bigger package with more weight. And once you get the weight and traction where you want it, it wheelies. You can see the wheelie bar on his rig, sidecar side only.
"400+ hp out of 1300cc of bike engine" How with four Turbos, a super charger and nitrometane

Just kidding, But don't you think the poor thing will be under a lot of stress, don't you think is better to get a tuned VW and/or even better a Subaru engine and start from there, they are already making sick power on their rally cars, hell even the stock engines are more than plenty

Anyone who has wheelied a sidecar outfit, especially a 1 wheel drive unit, knows it's a scary situation. Makes for turning in parking lots easy though . Without going full computer traction sensor control with adjustable diff's and so on and so on, there is only so far you can go before you have to incorporate a lot of technology to help you out. And who writes transmission programs for 3 wheeled, 2 wheel drive, 1 wheel steered vehicles?? They are a strange breed for sure.
We reach. (well some members did and I agree) that the "Wheelie bar" is more a device to account for the frame flexing than from the front wheel lifting, but you are right, that engine will provide plenty of trouble to burn out does tires from san francisco to new york with out complain.

Keep checking on pictures. I'll load some more up either tonight or tomorrow. Keep the ideas rolling guys, you may persuade my yet
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