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Originally Posted by Spark View Post
What drives me a little nuts:

- I have to be moving almost 10-12 mph to fully release the clutch in 1st without the engine bogging, makes putzing around town a bit cumbersome (the SV never had this problem) since your always feathering the clutch
- Clutch engages really late, maybe in the last 1/4 or 1/5 of the lever travel (played with the cable play a lot and bought pazzos to help, but they don't really solve the issue)

Anyone know if there's anything that can be done about the last 2 issues?
The only thing i can think about your first issue is either going a tooth down on the CS sprocket or 2-3 up on the rear sprocket.

As far as the second one is concerned, all i can think of is "ride it more, get used to it".
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