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Paco Lopez
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Sorry, weather, work and wascally wabbits conspired against me but I am finally pleased to announce...


Here's the pic:

Bring your hiking shoes and walk down the trail behind the tag shot for some scenery but be careful, this place is on the list of most dangerous tourist attractions (number 9).

To find the egg look at the other end of the parking lot from the tag shot and you'll see this sign:

Follow the short trail to the top of the hill:

Walk to the far end of the fenced in area and enjoy the view:

When you're done turn around and look for the 2 trees growing one on each side of the fence:

There's a rock covered with ferns next to the right trees:

The egg is behind the tree just outside the fence:

You don't have to cross the fence, just reach through. I piled some sticks and leaves on the package so you may have to dig a bit. Have fun and be safe!
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