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Hey Avo,

Thanks for the honest feedback. I think the touring cut is going to be well received by some and maybe a curveball for previous REV'IT! customers. I can't blame them for trying to widen their fits in a few models - although it makes it a bit tougher for us as certain pants fit isn't apples to apples anymore.

The Turbines will be a step up from the mistrals in both protection, as well as ventilation. They offer more mesh surface area. Their liner is Hydratex and is not thermal at all. I would say that the Turbine will fit in between the Mistral and the Tornado, but much more closely to the Mistral.

Most REV'IT! pants fit just like the Mistrals, but the Turbines and Tornados are two anomalies over the last few years.

I feel like you will know right away about how you feel on the fit, but you probably have to try them on. Pick up a set of Turbines if you like the function of them. If you don't like them you can save on shipping back by sending one box with both. Either way no restocks if you go with neither, just please include the tags and packaging.

Let me know your thoughts.


Originally Posted by Avocet View Post
I got the Tornado pants I ordered, thanks for the quick service. Unfortunately they aren't really what I expected. I ordered the same size as my old Mistral pants but I'm surprised at how much bulkier the Tornados are. I know you said in your video that they were cut larger than other Rev'it pants, but I didn't realize how much looser and heavier they would be. Also the liner is heavier than I expected. I knew it would be insulated more than the liner in the Mistral pants, but again I wasn't prepared for how much thicker and warmer they would be. Anyway, they seem well made and may be right for some one else, but they aren't what I'm looking for. I guess I was thinking they would be something like an upgraded Mistral, but they are really quite different.

So I'm trying to figure out what would be closer to the Mistral pants. Will the Turbine pants fit more like the Mistrals? I see that their liner is uninsulated, like the Mistrals, so that sounds more like what I want. Thanks for your help.
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