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Originally Posted by Garthe View Post
I'm a this a good frame/manuf. ??? I hear that the 4 bolt rim break is what I want for the rear...?

Is Echo a good frame company?

Thanks, Jim
Echo is a well known company with lots (for trials) of parts support. The 4 bolt rim brake rear is awesome, and can hold my 190 pound mass balanced poorly on the rear wheel.

The closeout deal at CBtrials is a killer deal.

The only thing I would add is if this is for your young son, look into some older brake master cylinders. Most of the new ones are radial style pumps and as such, position the lever much farther from the bars when at rest. Charlas Monty has different masters that our son can easily reach. Just a thought.

If Cb lacks any stock for your build, is where I had my bike built. Matt was very helpful.
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