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Thanks for the extensive thread covering REV'IT! gear, Anthony. I have a Dakar pant and Off-Track jacket from 2007 that I really like a lot. I need to think about replacing them soon and I'm wondering if you can point me at the current, similar pant and jacket; if you can help with sizing comparisons, too, that would be helpful. I'm a pretty trim and fit guy, so the Euro' sizing and cut of the Dakar and Off-Track were perfect for me. I hope that REV'IT! still has some pieces that are cut similarly.

All-in-all I was pretty pleased with the REV'IT! kit, although I was a bit disappointed in the durability. The pants started to show some wear and seams at the knees started to open up after about a season of daily commuting. (I can't remember, but I think I may have washed the pants in a top-load washer. I realise that's a no-no.) The interior rain layer was a bit of a downer, too at that time; as a daily commuter it was kind of annoying to have to zip it in for heavier rain and then hope the outer layers dried somewhat before my next ride. I realise now that I should have done a better job renewing the DWR, so the limitations there are my own doing.

For those reasons I went to a two-piece Roadcrafter for a season. It's an okay piece of kit, but, frankly, the styling is nonexistent and the technology is a bit dated, not to mention their approach to design is pretty ham-fisted in my opinion. And I actually started to see some wear-and-tear on it, too, so I wasn't impressed with how little I gained in durability for the extra thickness and stiffness of materials. The Roadcrafter kit functioned just fine, but there are things I liked about the REV'IT! kit a helluva lot more -- the fit, the versatility, the suppleness of the pieces, the venting was great...I could go on. All of those reasons are why I really would like to go back to it and give it another go. (Yes, yes, I know some people will flame me about my opinions and experience with the Roadcrafter...tough, they'll have to suck it up; I'm just describing my own experience.)

At any rate, I appreciate any thoughts you can offer. I'm more than happy to dig through the REV'IT! and RevZilla pages for detailed information; I'd just like some help getting pointed in the right direction.

Thanks again.

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