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Originally Posted by pckopp View Post
I have ridden your route from Elk City to the Selway River. Just north of Elk City your route becomes Motorcycle / ATV only down to the river, point 1076 on your West Side gpx file. From 1076 south for the next 15-20 points is a wicked uphill ATV trail. I've ridden it coming down. Going up that section is probably not for beginners. FYI. Those 15 or so points climb about 3000 feet.

I can probably find my tracks which have an elevation profile if you're interested. Looks like a fun ride. Your bike is my next one.
Well, that was the kind of local information I was looking for - but not the kind of news I wanted to hear.

Let's see, that's where Falls Point Road makes an abrupt turn back on itself to climb in a northern direction at Meadow Creek? About 150 yards west of Sims Campground? Yeah, the contour lines show a 2400 foot climb over about 3.5 miles. And what if it's been raining? Don't think I want to help push a big loaded BMW or KLR quite that far.

So... a few questions about that section.

1. We have a mix of riders here, all 50+ age guys that are pretty fit (army guys, construction, ski patrollers, etc), and no beginners. How bad is that climb for... say... just a weekend rider guy on a smaller bike like my WR250R? I'm wondering about a bike swap where the skilled guys could ride the bigger bikes up while the average guys ride the littler bikes.

2. More obviously... is there a way around this that doesn't include a backtrack?

I've seen ride reports and pics through the Selway Falls area about 1.5 miles to the east of this point you're mentioning, and nothing mentioned about a gnarly downhill or uphill in this section. Which, of course, hard core riders might not think is worth mentioning.

How about OHara Creek Road heading south about 12 miles west of this point. It heads due south to link up with Iron Mountain Road, and then off on NF 464 east to Table Meadows Road, linking up with the original track again somewhere around track point 1191 - cuts out about 25 miles of the track you're speaking of.

Anyways, would appreciate any .gpx tracks or suggestions you have as alternatives to that or alternative routes from Lowell to Elk City. I'm old enough now I don't need to see the elevation profiles to accept local knowledge...

Good news is we can consider giving it a shot when we get there as Lowell and gas isn't that far behind. And if nothing else reasonable is nearby, we can always head back to Lowell, hang our heads in shame (just a tiny bit), and slab it by Hwys 12, 13, and 14 to Elk City. Most of us used to make our living once upon a time jumping out of airplanes and helicopters in the middle of the night. So the good news is we don't feel we have to prove anything to anybody anymore by taking on something over someone's head, and this is not intended to be a gut wrenching adventure, just a soul moving, enjoyable ride with old friends.

Thanks for the help!
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