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Originally Posted by Jäger View Post
Let's see, that's where Falls Point Road makes an abrupt turn back on itself to climb in a northern direction at Meadow Creek? About 150 yards west of Sims Campground? Yeah, the contour lines show a 2400 foot climb over about 3.5 miles. And what if it's been raining? Don't think I want to help push a big loaded BMW or KLR quite that far.
Yes, that's the section. As I look at my detailed track log, it is basically a linear climb. Basically. Near the bottom are a couple of short but very steep sections. I came down on a loaded-for-camping KLR with 4 other guys on the same or similar bikes. My brakes were toast when I got to the bottom. :)

Originally Posted by Jäger View Post
1. We have a mix of riders here, all 50+ age guys that are pretty fit (army guys, construction, ski patrollers, etc), and no beginners. How bad is that climb for... say... just a weekend rider guy on a smaller bike like my WR250R? I'm wondering about a bike swap where the skilled guys could ride the bigger bikes up while the average guys ride the littler bikes.
I would say no problem for your WR250. Light is right when it comes to getting up steep hills. A fully loaded R1150GS is going to be a challenge unless the rider has Jimmy Lewis skills. OTOH, if there are a bunch of you, ride as far as you can and help each other through the tough spots. Its only tricky because it is rather narrow and steep in spots. It used to be a normal forest road, but so steep they gave up maintaining it and put up moto/atv signs. There are cut logs that stick into the path here and there so you have to get around them and across and over the water ditches. I don't remember there being a lot of loose stuff. Even if you all have issues it won't take long to get everyone to the top. Like all riding, its that 10% that's tricky, the rest easy.

Interesting anecdote: We were all sitting at the bottom drinking water (it was hot!) and congratulating each other for being alive when several ATV riders arrived heading uphill. Little 4WD machines with fat tires just make it look easy. One couple looked like they were dressed for a Sunday afternoon church social. He had nice jeans and a polo shirt. She was in shorts and a nice top. She had a nice top, which was why we noticed. :) Anyway, they just motored right up.

Originally Posted by Jäger View Post
How about OHara Creek Road heading south about 12 miles west of this point.
That was my thought. I note that on my Garmin Topo map it makes just as large a climb in about the same distance, but the road appears fairly straight. If it is a regular forest road and not blocked, I would say that might be an option. No personal experience for me, tho.

Worse case would be taking the pavement around and following 14 east into Elk City. One of the great moto roads in North America. You'll wish you were on your supermoto with sticky tires. YeeHaw!

Have fun!
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