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I would pick the one that you are most comfortable on, you can't go wrong with either IMO.
Take long distance touring out of the equation and they're dead even IMO. Sure, the 12R is faster in a straight line, but I stopped judging bike from that many years ago.
I only say the 12R is better for touring because of the added maintenance with a chain and the more frequent oil changes on the Rotax.

I'm 5'11" 175, in other words, the proper "german" size so I fit either bike just fine, though the 8R has me tucked a little more.
For taller riders a high seat would be useful.

For me, backbars on both bikes puts me in the perfect position.

The 12R could be "the classy old mans bike" that really is a sleeper that few pay attention to, and is just perfect for a wide range of riding. It doesn't look fast to most, till they wonder why they can't catch you through the corners. Or when riding off tarmac with dirt bikes.
It's hard not to just love that boxer motor, and gobs of torque. Telelever suspension is wonderful in the twisties.

On the other hand, the understated, industrial look of the 8R is fresher, more modern and the sound is more aggressive, even against the Akro pipe on the 12R. Agile, comfortable, smooth, precise... It's more flickable than the 12R, but not by much.

They are very different, yet very similar in many ways.
Only you can choose what will make you smile more.

Luckily I don't have to choose, only in the morning when I'm grabbing keys ( assuming Nancy's not riding with me)

Funny thing is, for the short while I actually had the 12R, the 8R and the 8GS in one place, I usually grabbed the GS keys.... something about that elbows up stance on a dirty, well traveled bike and loud knobbies I just love. You know, to go hang out at Starbucks with the other GS riders...

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