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The search function works real well

Both the SP2610 and SP2620 come with City Navigator mapping
You do not want a SP2620 as it comes with all mapping loaded on a microdrive.
Microdrives are known to fail in high vibration environments (like motorcycles).
The SP2620 does not have a mapping CD that you can load onto your PC (the SP2610 does).

All 3 Garmins mentioned are waterproof to IPX7

SP2610 advantages;
Touch screen is easiest to enter addresses
Uses CompactFlash cards which can be bought in large sizes cheaply

No battery for off bike use

GPSmap 276C advantages;
Best screen on the planet
Lots of navigation features

Proprietary memory with max size of 256 MB

If you purchase a SP2610 then price in a 2 GB CF card and bike mount up front

If you purchase a GPSmap 276C then the package is only basic and you should price in City Select mapping, 256 MB memory card and bike mount
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