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Team Nun Bus rider "BENRON" report on February 19

Originally Posted by BENRON View Post
Went up and bombed around a little this morning.
I pulled on at the BP in Fondy, started to drive towards the normal track area until there was a truck sized hole in the old path...
I decided parking next to the launch was probably a good idea

Off-loaded the bike and rode up to wendt's,
Dodging spearing holes along the way. Id say at least 2/3's the holes either didn't have any marking, or the sticks had fallen over.
VERY hard to spot them before you got to them.
It's going to be a real minefield out there when they skin over tonight and snows on top of them.

The ice is uneven, But has a hard surface. The old roads that were plowed have sections of open water.

Found a nice smooth spot and was attempting to get the handlebar to touch down...
Was working fairly well until I fell off and the bike decided to chase me...
Then it decided it would be fun to drive ITSELF in 20' circles while idling, Laying on its side...
I managed to grab hold and it drug me along for about a lap before I managed to get to the kill button
All of this at about 5 mph.

Rode back down the lake:

Managed to tip the bike over into the trailer, Tearing the seat and busting the trailer tail light.... Lots of folks pulling the shanties off.

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