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Pisgah Ranger District is a really nice place to ride a mountain bike. They maintain their trails and provide plenty of signage.

Saturday we woke up and went to the Avery Creek area. First stop Club Gap.

Club Gap has some hike a bike, but is not bad for a steep climb.

Spring is in the air.

Avery Creek Trail has a little bit of everything.

We ate lunch back at the truck and then did another climb on 477 to Bennett Gap. Bennett Gap Trail has some awesome overlooks and is super fun singletrack.

We headed back to camp to get our chef on. First we did a wood run.

Brown liquor and red meat--two of the four food groups.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed out toward Asheville, but we made a stop at Turkey Pen Gap. Perm turned us on to Squirrel Gap Trail a few summers ago, and we needed to see if it is as good as we remembered.

First you have to get to Mullinax Gap.

Why do they call it Squirrel Gap? Because it's totally nuts.

After about 2 hrs of climbing, we turned around and did it all backwards.

Cela est comment nous roulons.
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