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Originally Posted by tootiredsteve View Post
++ right on w/ the sizing- my Pro Tech's are size 11/46 and fit like a perfect 12. Great boots except for a crease on top of my ankle bone- I'll have to tenderize it with a ball peen and oil; not my foot, the boot!

For non-wp boots, you can fix crease pressure points with a small drill bit. Drill holes on the crease, and it reduces the pressure, or, along a parallel line, and you can sometimes create a new bend. Once you accomplish this, you can seal the holes up with silicone.

Yes, I know it sounds nuts, but it works. Just be careful, don't cut loose with the Makita.

On a WP boot....hmmmm.....the goal is to either soften the crease area, so it is not pointed on the inside, or relocate it. I would build a foil or duct tape shape to stuff inside the boot, then fold the boot so the form pushed the crease out. Spray the crease with leather conditioner, wrap a bungee around it, and let it sit for a week.

I have done this with baseball gloves, worked there.


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