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Been quite a while since I've posted anything from this project, but its been slowly progressing. No pictures right now, but I've been slowly working on various small mounts & whatnot for the relays, fuse box, regulator/rectifier, battery & the MS itself, and have made lots of progress on the wiring. I'm leaving the stock harness pretty-much intact minus ignition, battery, charging & coil wires, with a connector from the CBR harness to pass power to the lighting as well as hook the stop switch on the handlebar. The charging system & fused power is all new (although very roughly based on the stock CBR), and the wiring for the megasquirt itself is all new.

At this point, I just need to finish up adding a couple connectors for the fuel pump & air temp sensor, and running a bunch of ground wires, and the harness should be good to go. Not much in the way of pictures right now, but I'll try to grab some over the weekend.

Still need to decide what to do about the tank, as well as mount the fuel pump, filter, & run the fuel lines. I managed to break the stock fuel pressure regulator too, so I'll need to find another one of them. I also need to get a narrowband O2 sensor or two, & weld the bungs onto the exhaust for them. Still a bit of work, but with some luck, it could hopefully be time to try to start her up in a month or so.
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