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I sit here reminiscing about the trip trying to think of a witty title for the trip. My mind scrolls through ideas, but I can’t settle on one. This isn’t because the trip wasn’t good. In fact it was fantastic; however not one title could contain the experience I had while riding through Baja. For this reason, we’ll leave it at Baja – 2011.

So by now you know what was required pre-trip. Reading it over it doesn’t sound like nearly the work it was, but you get the idea. Lets move on to the good stuff. How the trip started.

Woke up at the ripe hour of 3AM. Sleepiness wasn’t a factor because I was on holidays and stoked to ride in the dead of winter. I grabbed my gear and started the truck. Once at the airport I ran into Dwayne who purchased the same flight tickets to keep things simple.

Flight was uneventful and drastically boring. Milling over a dirt bike and snowboard magazine I vowed to never buy another magazine again. I’m way too cheap to pay 5-8$ to leaf through crappy ads and poor reading material. What a let down.
Time crawled by and we eventually landed in Yuma, AZ. Walking off the plan onto the tarmac was like a breath of fresh air, mind less the diesel and jet fuel exhaust. The warm air and beaming sun made the boring flight soon forgotten.

It was here when we met the rest of the gang who was so kind to pick us up from the airport. That being said our stay in Yuma was limited. Here is about all you need to know:

- Frozen yogurt shops are a good idea,
- Yuma is filled with old people. Like lots of old people.
- Americans are rude.
- Yuma’s unemployment rate is 27%. It didn’t show.

Ok. So now you know Yuma. Onto the more important stuff. We soon loaded our gear onto the bikes and suited up for a test ride. I’ve never ridden sand before so I was stoked, yet worried.

Dion lead us on a test ride to start. There are riding areas just on the outskirts of town. We blasted down the road aways passing quads and cruisors dawning helmetless pilots. I can’t help but wonder what their thinking, other then them wondering who are these retards wearing full gear on a warm day..

We pull off the highway and I get my first taste of sand. Everybody said it’s similar to snow. Lean back, keep on the gas, and skip the brakes. Easy. We bailed off the highway at speed and soon I was in a sink or swim scenario. We’re doing around 60-75 entering a modestly whooped out sand road. What a hoot! Luckly I remember how to swim and made out ok. The last thing I wanted to do was bail before the trip, and with a highway traffic as an audience.

We rip over to the local riding area and find more KWADS and the like riding carelessly through sand hills and desert type terrain. Dwyane was nearly missed by a kwad rider right off the start. I wonder to myself how the kwad rider would make out in that accident without a skid lid…

The rest of the afternoon was spent putting around the sand hills and up some mountain trail which was a good test of skill and bike set-up. All was well and we decided to head back to BS with the rest of the gang.
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