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[Day 2 – Continued]

As I closed in, it became apparent the downed rider was Malcolm. His KLX was on its side at the top of a whoop. Evidence of his crash was apparent from the rut his tires left in the deep gravel. By now he was limping around. Obviously in pain from his get-off. After review it was apparent he flew off his bike and slammed into the next gravel/sand hill. Complaining of pain on the right side of his body. Slightly understated, we were just glad no “serious” injuries were a result of his get-off. Broken arms, dislocated shoulders, etc are always a worry of mine and I knew Malcolm had an issue with his right shoulder being dislocated in the past. In fact, I first met him the day to go riding with a group of friends when he was on his way to the hospital with a shoulder out of joint…

Damage assessment complete, we were back on the bikes, be it a little slower. Eventually the deep gravel and sand gave way to mostly hard pack stretches of trail with the odd whooped out sand/gravel sections. To our delight, this was a lot easier riding then what we just went through. We were now out of the wash and riding down the flat lands towards the highway. Passing cactus the size of large trees and all the other shapes a cactus can take. There’s always a lot to look at in Baja. Things are just so different from here.

Dion riding out of the wash:

Malcolm resting his sore hip:

Some of the sand trails we were riding:

We had a quick break under the shade of a tree near the highway. Once again making best of what little shade could be found in desert. After another round of power bars and water, we were off. Once again, the last to get ready. As you’ll find out, this isn’t always a bad thing. I kick the XR650R over and get on my way, however within 100 yards I catch up to Demi and Dwayne stopped at the side of the highway. I figured they are waiting for me to catch up to them, however once closer and notice something’s not quite right. Their arms were down and staring across the road. I ask “What’s up?” Dwayne goes on to explain that Malcolm, who was already having a piss poor day, was in a near miss with a truck on the highway. Apparently while Malcolm joined onto the highway, a speeding truck came around the corner and it looked as though things were going to turn real ugly. It was explained that they couldn’t explain how it wasn’t worse, but at the same time appeared they touched. Eventually after slowing down enough they both went into the ditch. Thankfully there was that opportunity and truck didn’t roll. In any case, Malcolm was taking a cool down as I arrive and the truck was driving up the ditch to get back on the road. Thankful to have 7 lives left, Malcolm eventually got back on the highway.

A short distance down the road we jumped back off the highway to take a “short cut”. This turned out to be a great road and included everything from smooth sand road, to large rock foundations and treated us to a happy ending with 2 km’s of untouched, fine, powdery sand. The view was fantastic with the late day sun, mountains off in the distance, and rock formations overlying the land.

From here it was bogey time. The sun was going down and we had some miles to make to get to town in the Bay of L.A. The highway was perfectly smooth and followed mountains, valleys, and eventually broke way to this beautiful decent down to the coast where we’d meet some fellow Canadians, see the largest lobster I’ve ever seen, and some great tasting margaritas. After all, we deserved it. We even had the pleasure of bumping into Dan and Co who were staying at the motel down the street.

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