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[Day – 3]

The start of a new day! I was excited. Once again, up at the crack of dawn to see the sun rise over the town and go for a stroll. I sat outside on the rock fence taking it all in. Cars were driving by waving, and dogs were running to wherever they had to be. I imagine they were looking for breakfast.

Sun coming up:

View down the street:

Where we stayed. Victoria was the owner:

The sleep was great, but with Mexico comes the common occurrence of dogs barking and fighting at night. At one point it sounded as though it was getting serious, but then died down. I imagine the losing dog backed down and the reigning dog walked away battered and bruised, but still the alpha dog of the area.

Today we planned a long day. We were heading to El Arco, passing through San Ignacio, and onto Santa Rosalita, or Mulege.

The roads started off with the typical rough gravel road. Decent speeds can be maintained, but along with speed comes focus. Those rocks will make quick work of rims if you aren’t on your toes.

Our first taste of beach riding!

Eventually we hit an intersection that splits San Fransico, and El Arco. Unfortunately on this trip I would have to miss out on San Fransico. It was one of the places I’d like to have seen. Turning west we got onto a sand road. The road was fun, but eventually hit sections with rocks buried in the sand. Not so fun. It broke way to more sand and rock form and joined up with the super highway. Ok, I’ll confess, there are no super highways in Baja, but this was the Baja equivalent. The road was sand, but it was wide and smooth. Time to twist the throttle! I can’t quite explain it, but it was an adrenaline rush. At times I must have been going 130-140km’s hr. Some hills and oppositely banked corners I was catch air and then drifting around the slower corners. This road was FUN!. I loved every minute of it! At one point common sense chimed in and I slowed down to a more reasonable 100ish KM/hr wheeling over hills and sliding out of corners. A much more respectable speed but still fun.

Just before the sand road:

Eventually we bounced into El Arco. Following up the rear I ride into the abandoned town to meet Dion stopped at a Y intersection. Looking down at my GPS informed me were to be going southbound here, but it appeared the road that goes straight through continues on west. Dion confirmed and within a few minutes Malcolm who was traveling third realized the same thing and turned around after not being able to catch Demi and Dwayne.

We had a few issues with keeping track of eachother up until this point, and we kept the same rules you follow here. Turn around or stop every once and awhile to confirm the rider behind you is still following.

We thought we lucked out when a truck stopped while were sitting at the Y-intersection. At this point we were here for maybe 10 minutes. We explained to the lady our two friends kept riding, and that if you seen them, to please tell them to turn around and come back. We were to head south to Viscano for fuel. Off she went. We thought for sure we’d be in luck.

As time went by we further judged the situation. All of our bikes did not have the fuel range to make the long way if we were to consider going west to catch the other two. Dion went in search of fuel at the nearly abandoned mine site. After 10 minutes he returns with a tank full of fuel. Mexicans are always willing to help.

By this time approx 1:45 minutes passed. Something wasn’t right. We decided to make way west and follow the path Demi and Dwayne took. The unfortunate thing is neither of them had GPS or knew our route. Quickly, we head down the perfectly straight road towards the highway. 20K in and my bike runs out of fuel. I pour in my two extra liters, flip Malcolms bike, and continue on. I stopped one or two other times to flip my bike over to gain the last of the fuel I had in my tank. Eventually getting to the highway I was pretty much fresh out of gas and the other two weren’t anywhere to be seen. We filled the fuel bottles and dumped some in both our tanks from Dions. We now had to trust they went the right way and turned south towards town. We had another 60K to go. After running out of fuel a few times each and having to do the typical flipping of bikes, we arrived in town and at the gas station where we met Demi and Dwayne. At this point people in both parties were a bit worked up. They explained the lady told them to go to town and we were going to meet them at the gas station? Neither of us could understand where she got this from considering she spoke very good English. In either event we were all here and ok. I guess Dwayne did some riding around to determine which way they had to go at the highway and also ran out of gas. All was good besides a few wasted hours and nightfall ahead of us. We were now forced to ride at night. Because of this we decided to crash in San Ignacio vs pushing on to Santa Rosalita.

The highway was fairly uneventful. A few donkey’s in the ditch and some donkey drivers, but all was good. Ironically the donkey drivers are usually American….

Eventually we pull into San Ignacio where we are waved through another military check stop. Pulling into town we crash at one of the first hotels we see. We were all interested in getting our eat on so off to town square we go to enjoy some amazing food and hand out stickers to the Mexican kids.

Ear plugs allowed me to sleep well this night.

Just to give a better idea of the area, the church above was behind me when I took this.

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