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Wink A Fist Full of Costa Rica: DAYS 1 - 3


Day 1 :

My day started early. arrived at the birmingham alabama airport around 6:00. breakfast at the bar.

I Arrive at Miami International around 11:00 due to some sort of delay... i miss my connecting flight.... they put me on standby.... i cant get a seat on either of the next 2 flights.... i watch TV and see this----------

 this point i've been drinking "just a'lil bit" look to the guy next to me at the bar. I say..." fuck, thats a whole lot of toshibas and mitsubishis getting washed down the road"

I finally get to San Jose around 00:00. when i get to my hotel i notice that someone has stolen the heavy-duty rear tube out of my bag. here we go.

Hotel Paseo Colon _
75 meters past pizza shop
next to copenex
28 to 30 street. $85/night. very nice place.
accross the street from thorstons bike shop
here is the WiFi Code: 1827364539

Razor Wire. It locks the freshness in.

D A Y 2

today ill be heading South East through the Mountains then on to the Peninsula de Osa.

At Thorsten's shop he and i get the tires off the bike. i brought a set of tires with me. he is very accommodating. I also asked for a front sprocket that was one tooth smaller. he called one of his guys who rode up and handed it over. I removed the stock sprocket and installed the new one..... after we mounted everything on the bike and tightened the chain we realized .. hey the new sprocket has the same number of teeth as the stock sprocket

there are plenty of Sugar Cane plantations around this area. i nearly tore my foot off while riding through this sugar cane field.

Sugar Cane Proccessing

heading into the mountains.


i like the rotting umbrella.

Tres Amigos

At this point my brain is still adjusting to my surroundings. Basically ive just landed in Costa Rica , jumped on a bike and aimed it at the jungle and mountains. Just following some "pre-planned routes" that ive programmed into my GPS unit using a mix of maps. some of the shit is there, some of it isnt. Im still getting used to this bike. I exchanged some of my dollars for Colones before leaving the airport. 500c roughly = 1 dollar. .. POP QUIZ !!! can you say 6570 in spanish ? The only people that ive interacted with are Thorsten, a Taxi Driver and 3 people at the Hotel. so, my senses are pinging. loving it.

jungle mountains

these guys were walking up the trail i was on


completely not paying attention to where im going. my eyes are looking at everything but
what is in front of me. funny funny.

there are PLENTY of water crossings here. some have bridges. MOST do not. its a blast. I can imagine what it would be like here in the rainy season. very very deep, fast and strong

I follow this river. Now is the dry season. this river must go Megatron in the wet season.

it has washed away sections of the road. wicked

this dam is friggin huuuuuge. no way to get it in a frame

the new church... right next to the old church

somewhere around here i ran over a puppy dog.
a couple of days later i didnt feel so bad about it. there are dead dogs all over the roads here. its like seeing dead squirrels on the roads in the USA.
Actually i started to enjoy seeing dead dogs in the roads. kind of entertaining. as i would approach the carcass i remember getting excited to see what breed it would be.

hey, when you ride solo ya' tend to go a little out of your head..

getting very close to pinensula de osa here. maybe on it already.
it was around here that i passed two naked native dudes walking on the side of the road looking up at the trees. when i rode by they didnt care. very cool.

There were some Hombres working around here

and a cultural festival on the 12th and 13th of march

this bridge is sketchy. has a couple holes here and there.


I arrive at Rancho Corcovado. String up my hammock.

im the only guest here.
A woman cooks me up a porkchop , rice and beans for dinner. its awesome.

i climb in the hammock and pass out around 19:00.

figure im asleep for about an hour when some wicked wind blasts me so hard the hammock swings violently. i feel rain drops and the wind is getting stronger. its making the coconuts fall .

untie the hammock and head for a palapa (palm frond hut).
put my rain coat on , blow up my ground pad and fall asleep on the ground.

i wake up about an hour later when something warm n' furry crawles up my shirt and snuggles itself in my armpit. jump and shout f'n f' f'n sh*t what the ? i see something scurry off.

not much sleep.

Headed up the coast towards Jaco tomorrow.

stay tuned
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