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Thank you for the very insightful and thought out comment. I appreciate your interest in our Helmet Communicator.

A couple of things, first BITwave is a high tech R&D company that does a lot of contract work for large organizations. UCLEAR is BITwave's consumer brand and the HBC100 Helmet Communicator is the first product to hit the consumer market.

You can buy the HBC100 on eBay new, however I would like to know where you found these "cheap-o BT Intercoms made in China" on eBay. You might have us confused with someone else.

Second, this is brand new technology and there's really nothing like it on the market. BITwave holds a number of patents on this audio communication technology. BITwave's audio technology was developed for the military to use in extreme noise environments on the battlefield.

The HBC100 uses Adaptive Beam Forming and Directional Microphone Array Technology which forms a virtual cone around the user's mouth and picks up on the user's voice. While the Adaptive noise suppression feature suppresses environment noise using multiple DSP based algorithms.
This technology eliminates the need for a boom-mic.
With that said, you can install the HBC100 on just about any helmet, 1/2 face, modular, or flip face helmets.

I suggest that you read the technology page at

The technical volume specs on our products are voice 97.7 dBs and music 97 dBs. Louder speaker have potential to harm the user's hearing. The speakers are Hi-Fi Stereo 20-20.000 Hz and with AVRCP and A2DP Bluetooth profiles, you get CD quality sound.

Your right, these don't cancel noise the noise that you hear. The noise that you experience when your riding depends on personal conditions, ie your helmet, your bike, highway noise, ect. I also understand a lot of people wear ear plugs, I know I have from time to time.

The speakers typically are installed in the speaker pockets in your helmet, similar to other helmet communicators.

I understand this is new technology and a new product so I understand your reservations. We are working to garner street cred and proper reviews. :)

Keep the questions rolling


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