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Originally Posted by GasGas300 View Post
Great info -thanks. I am not looking for a bike to do much street riding, but if I need to duck into town to fuel up, I don't want to worry about ditching the cops. I have a 690r for longer trips, but it is just a little too heavy for tough single track riding.

I see lots of nice protection items for this bike - Hyde Racing makes a combination pipe/skid plate. It is plastic, but looks real nice - do you have any experience with it?

Sounds like a lot of bike - I did survive owning a TM400 Cyclone and a 450 Maico. My last 2-stroke was a KX500. I like the light weight of a 2 stroke, and am looking forward to one with a modern suspension
Ive tried the Hyde racing pipe gaurd/skidplate combo.its kinda ugly but works great,slides over logs easy,protects the pipe as well as anything can when bashing into rocks/logs/what ever. They tend to get melty in spots from touching the pipe but I didnt worry about it much.
Ive had 2 300's,both kicked ass and would tractor up anything then take off like a rocket when needed.
Some bikes around at times
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