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RE: Foreign Orders

Originally Posted by distributist View Post

When you guys said no international orders, does that apply to Canada as well. I added it to my shipping cart, but when I change the shipping to Canada or Canada-Ontario, I get $0.00 shipping charge. I have no problem with that, but figure it probably isn't right.
I appreciate your interest. But as it turns out I'm not shipping to other countries, I haven't worked out the banking details, customs, etc.

Then there are the RoHS (lead-free) certification requirements. Those documents get filed in some manner with one or more agencies, and in some cases with the destination country or association agency, as the EU uses.

I could make a few suggestions to circumvent the regulations, but that would be me attempting to knowingly sell outside the US without documentation. And I cannot do that knowingly.

For example, I've heard stories about people in the US buying various products for friends outside the US, and mailing it to them. Not that I'm suggesting you try that.

I could not participate if I knew that was happening. Because if I know about it, I can't do it. Thanks for your understanding.



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